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About us

Walk-in and appointment support. 


Urgent care provides local clinical care for those times when an emergency room is really not needed. Going to the ER can cost time and money and most who go to the ER do not have a life-threatening medical emergency. A visit to the ER can cost as much as six times the cost of urgent care and often with less efficiency and more wait time. On the other hand, you don't want to wait days or weeks to take care of an issue that should be addressed. That's where urgent care comes in. 

When You Need Us

Cincinnati Urgent Care

Urgent care is NOT emergency care, however it is care that should be addressed in a timely fashion to reduce symptoms, prevent further infections or spread of infections. Urgent care covers a range of services including...

Treatment for 

Flu, Nausea
Physical Examinations 
Cough, Cold and Flu  Sore throats 
Preventative screenings Sinus Infections
Allergies and asthma  Sprains and strains 
Urinary tract infections  Ear and Eye Infections
Cuts and minor burns Lab Tests 
Headaches X-Rays (weekdays only)

Keeping it simple...

We really want to make it simple. You do not need to set up an appointment however you are welcome to do so. Walk-ins are always welcome. We are NOT open 24/7 so please call if you have any question as to whether we are open or not. We are closed for most major holidays. 

There are ways for you to speed up the visiting process. Please check out our patient info page to make sure that your visit goes as smoothly as possible.



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2230 Auburn Ave.

Cincinnati, OH 45219